Dreams and Goals for 2018

Its important to have dreams….and its important if we want to make these dreams a reality that we have goals…

So my goals for 2018:

5km – sub 17minutes

10kms- sub 35minutes

21kms – sub 1.15

42.2 (marathon)- sub 2.32 (likely Berlin)

1st at the 6 foot track, Snowy mountains, Buffallo Sky marathon, UTA50km and Rafferties run

Top 3 at the OCC at UTMB


Maintain similar structure in training to combine hills and speed and distance

Monday- recovery up to 20kms

Tuesday- speed set am and hills group pm

Wednesday- mid week long- mix of hills and efforts

Thursday- speed am and trails pm

Friday- recovery trails

Saturday- tempo then parkrun

pm- ?adventure trails

Sunday- flat and fast then hills

150-180km a week with 2000-2500 of up in training

100 with 1000 in a taper week

add swim/bike/walk/hike as recovery

strength- 30minutes x 3 a week

stretch daily