Two bays trail race

Two bays trail. 56km/1500m vertical runnable trail.

A 16.48 Parkrun the day before was a big boost at Lakes Enterance. Never been under 17 before! I measured 50m short but will still take it!

A side trip to Walhalla and Mt Baw Baw was fun however also saw my first black run on the bike end with a stack and a very sore Steph!

The track was not the best and was narrow and rocky and my inexperience saw me slowly topple over the bars within 50m of the bottom of the run!

The first hit was softened by a bush but because of the slope I kept going on my back and hyperextended over my right ribs and back over a rock. Slow but heavy fall and I knew I had hurt myself.

I got up and shakily wheeled myself to the bottom and tried to shake it off but I knew I was going to be sore tomorrow!

It was going to hurt in the race but I tried to stay positive that I wasn’t badly hurt and I would warm up!

In the 1st half I went out quite easy sitting in behind some fellas and enjoyed the rolling trail. My back hurt from the start- at time my lower right lunber spine and under my right ribs. It wasn’t terrible and after 10k it settled to a constant ache and wasn’t stabbing as much! But I could breathe and stride and it had helped start me slower which probably led to my strong 2nd half.

2hrs 13 out then 2hrs 23 back. 2nd overall 1st girl and good hustle with the fellas ☺️ good signs for Tarawarera! Now to recover get my ribs better!

Thanks 2 bays for the trail play!


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