Moving forward

My appointment with Doctor Nott went well- i can wean out of the boot as long as it doesn’t hurt, increase all my x training as desired and review with him in 6 weeks.

It was a blessing getting out of the boot- easier to get everywhere now and I essentially haven’t wore it at all since last Thursday!

The weekend was tough mentally for me though- the world champs for sky running, the Berlin Marathon and the Surf coast century was all on… events if I was uninjured I would have been at one of them!

I was super inspired by the efforts of all involved though- the world record was amazing in the Marathon and close friends of mine completed the SCC100 in horrible conditions- so proud of them all!

I had planned his week to up my walking as able but another bout of the flu has knocked me for 6 so the last 48rs I have not done much at all but sleep rest and get sunshine…a good time to listen to podcasts, reset myself mentally and look forward to the future.

I saw my GP this week too and i’m going to consult a sport dietitian to try and get on top of my health- the iron, the calcium, my immunity, the lot!

I am missing the freedom of running terribly at the moment, but grateful to at least be able to walk in the fresh air and get sun.

Once over the flu I will look to up my walking and bike riding outside- and will be getting a new MTB soon too 🙂

I don’t want to break an arm due to my bike falling apart beneath me!

So stay positive, get some sun and do something fun.



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