Week 1: Crutches, diet modifications and resting

So today marks 7 days since my MRI and my unpleasant discovery of a stress fracture in my calcaneous…

After the initial shock and tears and prospect of 12weeks hopping I was relieved to see Dr Nott and be WBAT in boot and wean crutches as pain allows..see my previous blog for details there!

So I hope to document my rehab and journey here! So what I have learnt this week?

1. People are kind – my partner and his family, my housemates my running friends Work and my family have just been super helpful and tried to make it easy for me – as miss independent I struggle to ask for help but the kindness of people is fantastic and the support physically and online has been so lovely… I am lucky to have so many supportive people in my life.

2. You can be self sufficient but it’s hard work – I managed to shop vacuum Work go to the gym .. but then I got the flu bad and I realised I needed a slower pace- I can’t whip here there and everywhere like I normally do- cars stairs and the inability to carry things with crutches made getting anywhere on time impossible! The boot is teaching me to be organised and slow down. Efficiency is key!

3. Priorities change- I truely put myself first.. going out on crutches was hard work and combined with the flu I turned to a home body for the first weekend.. when my flu stayed round I headed home to my family for some more r and r! I don’t feel selfish I feel sensible- I need to be able to be my best and heal and running myself ragged is not good for healing!

4. Diet changes

So I listened to podcasts, did extensive researched and explored bone density and fracture healing.. I am increasing my calcium intake to over double (2000mg/day ) mainly through diet plus a supplement- I researched and found bang for buck;

Yogurt; Quark and Nudie best (the highest in both calcium and protein- 400mg of Ca and 15g protein per serve)

Milk; almond – 300+Mg of Ca per 250ml or soy had 500+mg – I can’t drink milk straight i just don’t tolerate it well so looked into other options- I had this with a milo mix as it also had calcium iron and protein and tasted good too!

Salmon- 1 serve had 200mg of calcium and omega 3 and other good stuff so aiming to increase my intake of this to 4 days a week

Eggs- protein for healing easy to digest

Vitamin c – broccoli, oranges, strawberries- good for absorption of iron and calcium!

Iron- I am aiming for spinach and dark leafy greens at dinner and red meat x 3 a week to maintain my levels

Iron and calcium don’t absorb well together so I try and spread out when I have what- calcium being the priority!

I have upped my protein and decreased my caffeine intake too- though after 48hrs of no caffeine I had a cracking headache and was vomiting up my breakfast! A sign I may have a caffeine problem… so I am looking to reduce rather than quit as caffeine stops absorption of lots of nutrients!

I have used coffee to keep me going with Work and training so am looking in recovery to certainly keep this at more acceptable levels!

Though as I write this it’s midnight and I’m wired! 3 is too many to bounce back too but I’m learning slowly…

Aim for just 1 tomorrow!

X training:

I can do a bit šŸ™‚

I can bike in shoes without pain. Except butt pain from the seat!

I can crawl and do foot exercises with a band without any issues, gym exercises are also ok as long as my feet aren’t on the ground

I will be able to swim and water run but the flu stopped that.. for this week anyway,’.

Walking with crutches is also ok and a great arm work out!

Hopefully I can elliptical and row more in the coming week and get off crutches completely!

Aiming to be pain free as the big indicator…

I will go back to work Monday and try cap that to 24hrs/wk again to help healing…

Sleep is important so trying to maximise that as well as vitamin d so aiming for 30mins in the sun/day

Stress levels are much better I am well and know what I can do.. seeing my family is also great!

The hardest bit will be the next few weeks ands all the races that I hoped to do are on…I will try and use it as inspiration but won’t lie that I’m gutted not to be there.

Also losing fitness / not feeling like a runner…it’s been 1 week 2 days off jogging /running and 3 weeks since I first felt it…

I don’t feel much different but at the same time I feel so different…

But watch me bounce back šŸ™‚

Overall though this week is about changing perspective and self care!

Let that bone be gelling as we speak!

Stay positive



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