Review of watch: Suunto Spartan Wrist HR

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Suunto Spartan Sport Trainer HR

Colour: Pink


Look- as a female its nice to finally get a pretty and feminie running watch! I get lots of compliments wearing this watch! I wear it to run but I can also wear it out to dinner and to nice functions, with a dress and no one knows its such a high functioning run watch.

Touch screen and easy to scroll and to see while running- you can personalise your screens and your laps and it stores and presents all data you want. I tend to want a screen with pace, distance and time; one with lap pace distance, time and pace; a total elevation and current elevation screen, HR data, Time of day and Navigation.

Ease of use: 3 buttons and a touch screen- start, stop, scroll and that can all be done with the touch screen too!

One of my favourite functions if breadcrumb- if I get lost I can track back the way I came!

Its also useful adding runs in exotic locations- I can upload a run from anywhere in the world and not get lost! Its quite a clear map.

Syncs easily to Moves count and love the movies through the Ap.


Battery Life- as some one who runs a lot I tend to need to charge it each day – I am a bit paranoid about it going flat so don’t let it go below 30%!

My longest race is no more than 60km or 6hrs and it easily lasts that far taking all data and tracking every second. For 100km + events this would have to be adjusted

Wrist HR is inaccurate while running- although it is quite accurate at rest- I am averaging 200bpm on most runs! But does track my sleep HR and resting HR correctly. (More like 40bpm)

Size- although sleeker than any previous watch I have owned like most run watches on small females it is still large and chunky.

Screen is vulnerable to scratches in the bush so an anti-scratch screen would be good

I did break the clasp in a race whilst taking off my jacket- although I easily replaced the band afterwards with a new one without difficulty! (no degree needed)

Overall I love my watch- it only leaves my wrist to be charged, it has never let me down in a run, its the smallest, prettiest and easiest watch I have ever had! It does everything I need and would recommend it to all the 50k trail runners out there!


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