Ultra Trail Australia 50km- 2nd Female

Ultra Trail Australia 2018

So the party has been run and I write this on my flight between Abu Dhabi and Madrid on the way to the 1st race in the Salomon Golden Series this Sunday in Zegama, Spain.

UTA was as epic as always…a whirlwind of cheering, crewing and of-course running! A lot better than last year and the weather turned it on for everyone so no last minute course changes and no need for the wet weather gear and the original course was on the cards.

We drove up on the Thursday as lots of our Sapphire Coast runners were doing the 22k, 5 of us in the 50 and 3 in the 100k

It was a true race and I was pushed until I popped which is a great!

You don’t get better until you are really pushed and that I was… Cecilia Flori, an Italian living in NZ and training for western states pushed me the whole way.

We started fast and it was a race from the get go- Cecilia pulled away on the decent down the giant staircase but I caught her on the climb and tried to put some time into her but knew she wasn’t far behind.

She caught me again between the Fairmont (where I saw my grandparents) and the hospital about 3 times but going down into the hospital and down the big hill (kedumbla pass) I tried to gap her again- running strongly but trying not to cook my fatigueing legs befoe the big climb

I had popped big time and seem to hike for ages, the legs beynd dead and me now scared to fade like I did in 6 foot a year ago. Although Cecelia went past and I had nothing I tried my best to shuffle through Leura and was so hppy to see those stairs!

They were much harder than last time and I felt like I was crawling and the top couldn’t come quick enough…up the last ramp and stairs I grabbed the Aussie flag and stumbled home over the line…
My legs then gave way and I had a little lie down in the shade – I was just cooked and my legs were shattered…i had nothing more to give…

Eventually I got up we got a photo chatted to the other runners before crawling to the shower.

Everything hurts at this point and the chafing shows up which isn’t nice but it was nice to get clean and go back out to see Andy finish before we walked down to see Steve (we missed Kyle) run through the 60k mark.

We drove down to the aquatic centre at this point to see James mum Lisa through at round 2pm- we were the best crew – we had a chair for her, filled bottles, dressed her knee, changed her shoes and bus

So now time to recover before Sunday!

I took Sunday off aside from some walking and watching James at the V8 experience I had given him the year before…it was pretty cool! We spent a night in Sydney before I dropped him at the airport and drove to the nearest pool and did a jog then swim – I was surprized that I was able to actually jog- not hobble and held round 5.15s without too much pain or difficulty. I then swam for round 30minutes before heading to the airport.

Its a long trip to Europe and as I write this I am nearly in Madrid after first flying to Abu Dhabi. I had a bit of space so managed to doze most of both trips and even had a full 3 seats for the 2nd half- I have listened to lots of podcasts, wrote some emails and learnt some Spanish and stretched…

Airplane food is not the best but I made sure I ate food with protein in it and kept my fluids and vitamin C up to stay healthy and promote healing.

Upon arriving I plan to stay 1 night I Madrid before I catching the train to Bilbao where I hope to get picked up and meet the Salomon Team- I want to see Madrid but would prefer to get out to the country ASAP 😊


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