Buffalo weekend!

SkySprint 20km

Very dry and dusty and slippery for my first sky run! 2000m of up and 2000 down in 20k was solid and nothing like I had done before!

I hiked lots and practiced hands on legs and push push push and sliding with the gravel on the descents! Lots of fun but lots of hard work! Managed 1st girl and 7th overall 🙂

Bright Parkrun

Saturday morning started off well with a hit out at Bright Parkrun.. sore legs after Friday’s effort and s 10k shake out I was stoked to break 19 and feel ok!

The weather set in then with snow falling up on the mountains so I knew Sunday would be a totally different race!

Buffallo Marathon

Greeted the day with cold and rainy dawn but I was dressed and ready to go! Legs were heavy and everyone started fast and it was fun flowing down the hill in a line. It wasn’t too bad s descent at all and as they cut the course at the top I ran through the 1st checkpoint with another girl in equal first.

I was comfortable and dry and just went steady on the up and flat section…The next climb was long and steep but I just hike shuffled up knowing I could get cold if I went too slow! I passed quite a few men here and saw Ash lying on the ground with a sore foot he said he was fine and was going to hobble to the next checkpoint 3k away at Clearspot… 2k up the road I saw the medical guy and chatted to him about Ash for about a minute before soldiering on…I got to Clearspot relieved that I had only 10k to go! I bombed down the descent much more comfortable on the wet grippy mid ground… I did lots of but sliding and slip and slide but was fun! Climbing up the next hill was good knowing it’s the last one caught another man and then slip and slid down the single track to the bottom.. the last 3k was hard as my sugar was low but having the other guy there was great and finished in 4hrs 20something.

1st girl 7th overall and a good weekend overall!

Now 5weeks to UTA and 6 to Zegama so now to focus on some speed and recovery!

I also made some good friends saw my grandparents and can not wait to come back next year!

Keep playing! 🙂



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