Layering Up- Get the gear right!

After spending a week in Tasmania I have certainly learnt to layer up!

The key is to stay as dry and comfortable as possible..I tend to get colder quicker than most so I tend to layer up more than most with the idea you can always take them off!

In tassie I wore the same clothes most days in rainy conditions of round 5 to 10degrees.

Top Layer-

Long sleeve thermal top and a shirt over the top with arm warmers and then a sleeveless vest then a waterproof jacket with 1 or 2 layers of gloves.

Bottom layer-

Compression knee length underwear, run shorts and long compression socks to the knee.


Suunto spartan watch

5 or 9L run pack with 2 x 500ml bottles, spare rain jacket, GoPro, phone, buff x 2 – 1 on head 1 on wrist


Sense Ultras

Sense Slab 6

And after you run it’s so important to stay warm!


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