Tasmania Adventure Run Stats

James and I are just returning from a week running round the pretty amazing Tasmania! I saw this as a week to get away to explore with James and see a great part of Australia and refresh the mind. Also the difficult and different terrain offered a different training stimulus- to learn to climb to do stairs to get wet and mainly learn to hike..definately my weakness!

Here is some of our stats:

Day 1- Mt Wellington

Day 2- Hartz Peak and Mt Field Camp (Steph Run)

Day 3- Mt Field uphill and waterfall loop and Coles bay (Steph Run)

Day 4- Mt Amos and loop of hazard beach and wineglass bay

Day 5 – Craggy peaks to broken Bluff on Ben Lamond

Day 6- Cradle mountain

Day 7- Cradle Mountain

Day 8- Montezuma Falls

Total: Tasmania Running

Gain- 4559m

Time running- 15hrs 16

Distance- 103.6km

Can’t wait to come back!! Will post daily run updates highlighting James photography ☺️

And out of interest accommodation costs were 160$ for the whole time (rooftop camper for the win!) $220 for fuel and 2400ks of driving including the trip from Merimbula. We went on the spirit of Tasmania to get the car there.


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