February Update- Snowy Mountains 50km 1st overall in 4hrs22.

After recovering from Dubai it was a really nice change to come back to Australia, back to nature and back onto the trails for the next few months of trail races. It was so refreshing focusing on something apart from pace which I had for the past 3 months…my goal was to maintain pace I had gained through Marathon training but get my legs good at up and particularly downhill running.


I had a few great weeks of training with a few adventure runs including a 46ker up to Wolumla Peak (1350m of up!) Lots of confidence and fun was had exploring these trails so close to home.

I complemented my running with some bike riding and swimming to keep me actively recovering between sessions- the variety and good weather made it particularly enjoyable! The days flew by the body held together well and all of a sudden it was the end of the month and I was freshening up for the In2Adventure 50km inaugural Ultra run on the 25th of February.

I was really looking forward to this run as it was a good test before the 6 foot track in 2 weeks time. Running and riding around Jindy the day before was awesome and I am very much looking forward to adding some more MTB to my training too- something James and I tried with much success on an easy trail on the Saturday before the race.



Was lots of fun πŸ™‚

Race day rolled around and so did the rain and it was a damp start for the 50km. The first few kilometres my legs felt heavy but I wasn’t concerned- I just cruised with a few others until about 10km where I started to overtake more men and 15km where I caught fellow Sapphire Coast runner Kyle.


I continued to run comfortably along- surprizing myself with how much my legs had found their rhythm and how much fun I was having on such a pretty trail. We turned at 20k and it was nice to see the leader (about 300m ahead) and my family at Friday flats.

We turned here and headed back towards Crackenback and it was here that I noticed more down (it didn’t feel like there was too much up in the first 20 though!) and I began to stretch out and I surprizing caught the leader. I was still very comfortable and really just enjoying the trail – one of the nicest i have run- and seeing all the runners coming up the hill was motivating and made time go quick.


Running through the campsites at the base of the trail round 35k I saw my family again before we did some new trails at the base of the hill- most of the time I was running solo through the bush…At times like this I just tried to relax and let my legs flow and focus on being efficient and enjoying my surroundings.

It was great seeing Kyle had run into 2nd (1st male) at one of the final turnarounds and I focused my last few kms on being strong and in no time I was runningΒ  to the finish line with a big grin on my face.

Yes I was tired and I was cold and sore but I had just had the best 4hrs 22 minutes running a beautiful trail. The man from Snowy River was a bit late but eventually we got some photos.


Overall I had a great time. I felt strong and ran within myself and just enjoyed the run and trail and everything so much!

It was refreshing and fun and makes me so excited for the next one.

So put this one on the calendar for next year! I will definitely try to come back πŸ™‚

So thanks to Salomon for the gear- my pack and particularly my Sense Ultras were awesome!

Suunto for my watch – Spartan HR in pretty pink πŸ™‚

And thanks as always to James and my family for their ongoing support and travelling all that way to see me.

So get out enjoy and play!

Next on the calendar is me redeeming myself at the 6 foot track in under 2 weeks time πŸ™‚ Just a little bit excited! πŸ™‚




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