Marathon Training

steph run


Monday: Easy day- 15km morning run- easy undulating usually do my exercises and try jump in the ocean before walking to work

Work at the Sapphire Coast Physio Private practice 9 to 530

Sometimes another 5k easy in the pm- integrating my commute home or if its a nice day! If tired I wont run again just walk home.

Tuesday:  Morning speed session- 5 to 8 x 1km with 2k tempo in warm up-total  15 to 20k – I do this round the block I live in- call them fishpen hot laps 🙂 the tempo is always starting on a downhill after climbing up a 10% grade hill for 1/2 a km- good for strength and turn over! the 1ks are between 3.35 and 3.25..usually!

Work at the Pambula hospital 830 to 5

PM- drive home get changed and run across the bridge to meet the group (Steve, Phil, Craig and others) to do flat or hills with the group- 12 to 15km

Wednesday– mid week long run 25km either hilly trails or with 10k at under 4s with swim after 🙂

Later start 930 or 10 work at the practice very easy walk to work today!

Sometimes I double run but usually I’m pretty buggered so just walk home!

Thursday- Morning speed session- 400s after 2k tempo: 12 to 14k at our AFL oval- 3/4 hard and 1/4 recovery

Walk to work and work 9-530- Thursdays is a hard day for me- I’m usually tired and chase my tail most of the day- I try walk home before running to run group at 6.15- sometimes I went straight from work.

PM group trail run : 12 to 14k

Friday: am- easy run trail ? 10k sometimes repeated in the pm- all easy today 🙂

Work at Bega Hospital

Saturday: am- 10 to 15k before parkrun with 10k at under 4min ks followed by Merimbula parkrun (in the 18s or quicker) then a k or 2 warm down

pm- sometimes a little adventure run through the bush 5 to 10k

Sunday: Long run- Part A 15 to 20k at under 4min ks then 20-25kms of hilly trail with the group or same distance on the road

This was close to my routine for all of November and December – sometimes I would swap Thursday and Friday as there is a track in Bega and I was sick twice but I tried to hit 170 to 190km a week.

I tried to do lots of tempo at 4min ks- half my sunday long run, before parkrun and my mid week run to get used to  quicker but not too fatiguing pace…it certainly was much easier by the end!

Check me out on strava too see all the details!

I am now tapering down to Dubai Marathon and see how I go!

I have a plan- 3.40/km or 11minutes per 3k through half way and then see what happens 🙂


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