December 2017 Update- exciting times ahead!

So the year is nearly done and it brings me to the last update for 2017! Its been a big year- my first ever marathon, my first season of racing trail runs, my first major injury, my first year as a Salomon Athlete…and now with my last big week of training for 2017 before i begin a taper i feel as tired yet fit as i have ever been!


December has brought lots of ks, a little bit of being sick, some parkrun PBs and some adventures like our run hike up Mount Koscuiosko as well as some nice cruisy days.


I am over 7500ks for the year and 78000km of gain! Thankyou Strava for measuring that for me and for Run Down Under for tracking my virtual journey around Australia! I am nearly in Geraldton…after going from Canberra to Sydney to Brisbane and Katherine i am now over half way..

I am also under 4 weeks away from my Dubai marathon and can say the body is holding up well so after this weekend i will begin a taper into the event- the goal remains 3.40/km and under 2.36….all signs are positive but we will see what happens on the day!

With confirmation that i am in Berlin Marathon and the OCC as apart of the UTMB festival i am very excited for 2018 and all the adventures it will bring!

Check out my calender for an update on my races for 2018 🙂

Get outside and play!






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