September update – 1st Canberra Times Fun Run and 1st Surfcoast 50k

September saw more sunny days and 2 more event filled weekends to start of spring. 

On September 3rd I raced the Canberra Times 14km Fun Run- a cold and delayed start saw a slow time by me but was happy to run consistently enough to come away with the win!

I think all the fast running had paid off and although slower than I hoped it was a sign my speed and road legs were coming back. 

Less than a week later I travelled down with the sapphire Coast crew to compete in the Surfcoast 50k. This had been my maiden 50k last year and I was looking forward to the new course! Bad weather had meant the course had to be changed to a slightly longer 52k but the day ended up being clear and perfect for running.

Starting at 10 the first 30k was mainly firetrail and forest of single track and was lots of fun and I felt strong.

I dropped everyone in the first half and caught a few of the teams and 100k solo runners- at round 40k a wrong turn and the last few weeks caught up with me quite a lot and I hit the wall big time.

I had a cliff bar and kept repeating don’t walk don’t walk along the 5km slushy beach section and was so relieved the reach the final set of stairs to get off the sand and run through 50k knowing even with a wrong turn I had less than 3k to go! 

The finish was a boost and I was shocked and stoked to find out I had won by almost 30minutes in a big over 4hrs 15.

I got warm and cheered the rest of the crew home. The next morning we came back for presentation before making the long drive back to Merimbula.

The next week I was a bit too motivated for my own good running nearly 180k including an adventure run through the hills.

The next week the body was not happy so I backed off for a few days and planned the next event.

With 18 weeks to my next marathon I geared my weeks and training to focus on running a pb there. Bewteeen now and then lots of hard work but also lots of local adventures and runs to be had!

​​​Genoa Peak

And a little insight into my marathon specific long runs!

Time to play 🙂



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