Shoe review- Running Avenue range

Salomon Running Avenue
Comfortable responsive elastic and supportive. 

Training for road marathons I need a shoe that I can pound the pavement in day after day (160 to 200ks a week), that provides support for my feet but does not take my feel away from the ground. 

I am also a naturally spring and rhythm runner and need a shoe that works with that.

I can’t be happier with the new Salomon road range. Known for their finesse in trail gear and shoes, the road better watch out because Salomon now have a range of shoes that will keep your feet happy (and fast) on the road too. There new range is titled “Running Avenue” and references the surface..the road…that can be a dirty word for those more happy on dirt! 

– Running Avenue

– Running Avenue Pro

I have found the pro a bit lighter and faster and suited to racing or faster running at Parkrun and at the Australian half marathon champs.

 The running Avenue is a bit more supportive and has been my long run shoe of choice..or when my legs have been a bit tired!

Either way they both make me fly!


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