Shoe review sonic pro 2

Salomon is normally associated with trail running, hiking and getting off-road however their new road shoe the Salomon Sonic Pro 2 is an excellent addition to their established collection of quality shoes.
As an athlete who runs road and trail I needed a shoe that would hold up on the repetitive road surface, be light and give me enough feel for the road but also support my feet for the unforgiving 42.2km of bitchimum of a road marathon. 
The sonic pro 2 did this and was my shoe of choice for the Gold Coast Marathon where I debuted in 2.49. Recovering from an Achilles injury (sand is not my kind of surface!) I had no issues with my feet at all through the race, can happily report all my toenails are attached and of normal colour and no blisters either! In further credit to the shoe I had 2 pairs of these for the trip away..a pair I had wore through June (so had done around 500ks worth of running) and a pair I started wearing in the week of the race…and I still don’t know which pair I raced in as they both had no wear in them! Even now I can only tell the difference by which one has my Parkrun barcode looped through the laces.
In a unique Aruba blue and deep teal they stood out against the typical fluro seen in other brands during the race and due to our excellent weather I can’t report how they last after being exposed to wet weather and rain but can report good grip on icy conditions!
The only thing I changed was the laces..I was used to the easy comfort and security of the elastic laces in all Salomon trail run shoes so I changed to a pair of these elastic laces pre race.
I found this shoe was also great to train in and are my shoe of choice for any run on the beaten track. 
Overall an excellent shoe and would highly recommend for a training and racing shoe for those who dabble on the road.


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