June Update

June started with beautiful weather – cool starts but gorgeous clear days and me slowly building my ks back up..my birthday is early June and I was spoilt with a GoPro Hero5!! Thankyou James 🙂 so now I can record all my adventures on a cool camera. 

Mandeni Trail

My foot continued to improve and I managed to get some consistent training in – not as fast as planned but some solid 37k long runs at 4.30 pace and tail end tempo runs at sub 4 minute kilometres made me optimistic that my marathon would not be terrible..though not as good as I first planned… when injuries change your plans the best option is to change your attitude- I think optimism and a positive attitude is so important in every situation! 

My aim became sub 3hrs a solid hit out and I would be stoked to break 2.50 with the goal to go out at round 4 minute ks and hold on as long as possible! 

The race is on the 2nd of July on the Gold Coast so will provide a race recap whilst I relax regardless of the outcome in sunny Cairns! 

Otherwise June saw some new kit arrive including my Salomon sonic pro 2 road shoes which I am so excited to race in at the Marathon.

Get outside and play 🙂

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Steph Auston.


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