UTA 50k gear

UTA 50k GearI always think your gear should be like your support crew- do there job through the race so your body can perform at its best- gear malfunction is like your crew not making it to a checkpoint in time- stressful and mentally taxing and can cost you minutes! Additionally the most important equipment is your shoes- no blisters and enough support and you can let your legs and training do the talking. I was kitted out for UTA50k and thought I had the perfect gear for the day- jay legs were more the issue! This is what I used

Salomon Pro Max shoes- UK 5.5- ideal for support over the slippery terrain and over the 50km- when you are out there for 50km you need a shoe that’s going to keep your foot safe and comfortable and due to the slower and more technical terrain it was perfect for the job!

Ininji socks- well fitted toe socks prevent blisters and support each toe individually making your foot fill more supported

Salomon Slab Skirt- look feminine but have compression to help your quads stay strong and the grip helps your hands not slip when you are powerhiking. 

Yellow salomon run shirt- sleeves for protection and yellow because not many others wear it and I thought it would look good with purple and black.

Salomon Buff- an avid headband wearer it keeps your hair under control and I wet it at each aid station to prolong head cookin

Salomon 12L Slab pack- comfortable and the perfect size I felt like I wasn’t wearing a pack at all and I had no issues carrying all my gear and refilling my bottles at each aid station.

Suunto Ambit 3 – due to the change of course the markings were out so having a gps watch helped keep the kilometres ticked over and an idea of how far between aid stations- I generally only use the one screen in a race – time and distance and average pace- but on six foot track I also had another screen with elevation to help know where I was on a climb- I find in ultras watches are good after the race but due to terrain and best used as a guide to how you are feeling- or a way to slow your first few kilometres down!

4 Salomon 500ml soft flasks- I only used the two in the front pockets and carried two empty ones in the back- I just used water and refilled at aid stations. 

Salomon waterproof jacket – I love this as it folds into a small pocket and is light and compact- didn’t need it out there

Imerino wool fleece- again relatively small and light I didn’t need it

Compass map compression bandage

3 muesli bars- had all 3! Plus a scroll at six foot track…real food was a better choice for me in a slower race.

2 gels (for show.. not for consumption!)


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