April Update

After coming back from an amazing week in Moab with the Salomon Ultra Running academy in March I came back to Merimbula, back to work and back into road mode with the next goal of the Gold Coast Marathon in July- with the Canberra half, the UTA50k and the Merimbula fun run to fill the weeks between. 

Needless to say I was high on life after the Salomon Ultra Run Academy however I began having issues as soon as I finished the race in Moab which plagued most of my April efforts! 

When I had ran the 50mile Ultra my feet had hurt with 15km of soft sand running- I actively avoid sand and although my slab sense 6 had been a good shoe nothing could support my tired feet enough so when I finished my R foot completely seized and had swollen to twice the size. I’m a natural springy Runner and sand takes that away and makes it pure strength plus the rotation that occurs in your Achilles when you run on sand increases your risk of injury significantly…and as a physio I recommend specificity (train on it first!) or compact sand only! Living on the beach I had no excuse not to be prepared so I have since vowed to add some in so I can handle any terrain!

So with a swollen ankle I had 3 days of almost complete rest travelling back from the US but I still hobbled off the plane (air travel is not good for swelling) and it continued to plague my return to running in those first few weeks and I stupidly persevered through – I had no clinical signs of a bony injury and was optimistic the kankle could be run out and as a soft tissue injury I could self manage it accordingly… and not let it affect my training or future events.

So I rocked up at the start of the Canberra Half optimistically – it was 2 weeks post the 50mile race and the 3rd race in 30days (As I had raced the 6 foot track on the 12th of March)

My motivation was as high as ever..but my head and body was tired, my ankle remained sore and swollen..but I am stubborn and I was optimistic that I could just get through..I set a goal of 4min ks and to just enjoy a different type of run.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and at 5k I knew it’s was going to be a painful event. Not one to DNF I ran the race on 1 leg and spent the next 3 days on crutches. I did manage to maintain sub 4min ks though so thought that wasn’t too bad for a 1 legged effort!

The preceding weeks of ice treatment and compression saw me regain the ability to walk and to jog (luckily I had only made it more swollen- again no further damage was done! I think of swelling as the bodies way of putting on a cast and immobilising a joint for protection).

Although still sore I was able to host a trailrun workshop with the local Sapphire Coast runners with the skills I had learnt at the Salomon Ultrarunning academy. It was quite a good turn out and lots of fun! We did up and down hill skills.

I also got to share my running knowledge and physiotherapy skills in the workplace running a running tutorial for our new staff members at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy. I was a good candidate to assess!

Still unable to run fast without pain and increased hobbling I continued slower flat runs to keep the engine burning whilst rehabbing my foot.

My event calendar remained unchanged for May…UTA 50k but more likely an experience than a race!

Get outside and play.



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